Sight Glass Threaded

Hot/Cold water , steam pressured air , LPG, LNG, asphalt, Fuel Oil, ceramic mud etc.
15mm NPT End
End ConnectionThreaded (NPT)
Max Operating Pressure16 Bar g
Working TemperatureMAX 220 deg C
BodySS 304
GlassHigh Borosilicate Glass 
• First , user must be choose correct area to correct flow indicator.
• Don’t use flow indicator except specified fluids .
• Do correct assembly .
• Flow indicators have to same line with the connection parts.
• In threaded version , connection area link much less than the flow indicators links .If it is not that why system part forced the flow indicator.
• For threaded connections please use gaskets for leaking .
• Using elbows on pipe line good for the system and flow indicators.
• In flanged version , after openin the valve check pipe line and the connection parts of system and indicator.
• Before the assemble , clean and check the system from the dirts.
• Indicators life is affected by , hot working areas , sunshine etc.
• In assemble operation , flow direction should