Float Trap Flanged

Suitable for Steam/ Condensate
15 to 50mm Flanged End

End ConnectionFlanded ASME B16.5
Operating Pressure16 BAR
Working Temperature250 deg C
BodyA216 WCB
Float Ball304
SeatStainless Steel2Cr13
DiscStainless Steel2Cr13
Yoke Stainless Steel304
BonnetA216 WCB
Venting Groupware304
This type of steam trap is applied to balanced double seat or single seat with reliable closedown & long life circle.
There has always been high temperature condensating water upsteam, which will from reliable water seal without any leakage of steam .
Its operation will not cause any noise. Thus, it is preferable to the envinronment.
The valve is completely open when the steam firstly comes. The low temperture condensation water and air can be discharged rapidly ,which lagely shortens the start time of equipment.
All the internal parts are made of stainless steel ,which is resistant to corrosion and cavitative erosion

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